IMG_0131Are you ready to get your manuscript published? Do you want it to be available to millions of people all over the world? Do you want it ready as soon as a few weeks from today? If so, an e-book could be exactly what you’re looking for.

At Your Copy, we will do more than just convert your piece to the e-book format. Your work will also undergo a number of extra processes to make it as clear and reader-friendly as possible. It will receive:

  • a full read-through to check for, and to correct any conversion errors
  • a fully-interactive table of contents
  • a unique ISBN
  • metadata, to help with online classification

If you are publishing academic work, it will also be given:

  • image formatting, e.g. graphs, tables
  • clickable web links, which readers can use to visit the sources of references
  • clickable in-text and in-reference links, to allow the reader to switch between the main text and references sections with ease

As well as all of this, you will get personalised advice about e-publishing, including information about pricing and which websites you should consider using. We will even create an account for you on your website of choice, and upload your e-book onto it for you.

Start your journey to publication with Your Copy today! Email us now to find out what we can do for you.